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WP 34S: MIO matrix helper * edited*

Posted by Miguel Toro on 8 Oct 2011, 8:53 p.m.

This little program works similar to the MIO application from the PPC ROM documentation. It allows entering and reviewing elements of a matrix in a easy and friendly way. the user can enter or review an entire matrix or individual elements. The matrix descriptor is always in Last X.


2011-10-12: both A and B routines cycle through the matrix until the user press [EXIT]. This way, with B, the user does not have to re-enter the matrix descriptor if he wants to review another random element; with A, he can cycle any times he wants through the entire matrix.


Review/Enter the elements of an entire matrix BB.RRCC // Matrix descriptor [A] ---> Review and/or enter each element then [R/S] for the next one. The program cycles again through the matrix after the last element. Press [EXIT] to finish.

Review/Enter an individual element of a matrix BB.RRCC // Matrix descriptor [B] Row number (i) [ENTER] Column number (j) [R/S] Review and/or enter Element value in X [R/S] Ask for a new element in the same matrix. Press [EXIT] to finish.

Notes:- The matrix descriptor is in Last x. You can recall it and do further editing.


Flags 13: establishes which routine A or B is executing

Registers I: Index to acces elements through the matrix


001 LBL'MIO' 002 LBL A //-- Works on entire matrix elements 003 SF 13 004 M.ALL 005 STO I 006 LBL 01 // begin of the loop through the matrix 007 RCL I 008 RCL L 009 M.IJ 010 CL[alpha] // shows the next element indexes 011 [alpha] ( 012 [alpha]IP X 013 [alpha] , 014 [alpha]IP Y 015 [alpha] ) 016 RCL[->]I 017 PROMPT 018 STO[->]I // Store element to keep any change 019 ISG I 020 GTO 01 // End of the loop through the matrix 021 RCL L 022 FS? 13 // Is it B who called LBL A? 023 GTO A // Cycles through the same matrix 024 LBL B //-- Works on one chosen matrix element 025 CF 13 026 CL[alpha] 027 [alpha]'R|C' 028 PROMPT 029 x[<->]y 030 RCL Z 031 M.REG 032 STO I 033 GTO 01 034 RCL L 035 GTO B // Cycles through the elements of a matrix

Edited: 24 Oct 2011, 3:44 p.m.


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