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HP 35s. Quadratic Equation Solver (with complex solutions support)

Posted by Pablo P (Spain) on 2 July 2010, 3:53 p.m.


Table of Contents ================= 1 Using the program 2 Program listing 3 Registers 4 Revision

1 Using the program ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Execute the program: XEQ Q ENTER. Enter A, B and C according to the equation Ax^2+Bx+C=0. It will show both solutions in x and y registers.

2 Program listing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Line Instruction ------+------------- Q001 LBL Q Q002 CF 10 Q003 INPUT A Q004 INPUT B Q005 INPUT C Q006 -B(2xA) Q007 ENTER Q008 ENTER Q009 B^2-4xAxC Q010 x>=0? Q011 GTO Q017 Q012 +/- Q013 sqrt ;press k key Q014 i Q015 x Q016 GTO Q018 Q017 sqrt Q018 2xA Q019 Q020 + Q021 x<>y Q022 LASTx Q023 - Q024 RTN

93 Bytes

3 Registers ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Register Use ----------+----------------- A x^2 coefficent B x^1 coefficent C x^0 coefficient

4 Revision ~~~~~~~~~~~

05/18/10 - Initial release. 06/25/10 - Smaller program, D E F variebles not used.

Edited: 2 July 2010, 3:56 p.m.


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