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[WP 34s] Changing the overlay
Message #1 Posted by Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove on 18 Jan 2012, 4:51 p.m.

Today I removed my v2 overlay for a v3 overlay. Just a few tips:
Use a knife with a very sharp blade (e.g. an x-acto knife) to free a small corner of every individual key overlay, but be careful not to cut in the key itself.
Next, use a pair of tweezers to remove the key overlay by pulling on the corner you just freed. When you do it right, you can remove the key overlay with only a tiny bit of glue remaining on the key.
Do the same for the big overlay between the keys (freeing one corner and then gently lifting the overlay). This overlay will rupture and in my case, a few bigger patches of glue remained.
Use alcohol and a cotton swab/kleenex/... to clean the keys and the space between the keys. The glue will come off quite easily. It is important to remove ALL glue residue, especially on the keys.
Finally, apply the new overlay. I recommend using a pair of tweezers to correctly position the individual key overlays on the keys before adhering them. It is equally important to press firmly along the edges of the key overlays. This way, the calc looks like it comes straight off HP's production line (well, almost).
Of course, with 30B prices under $20, US residents might prefer to simply buy another unit, but for those of us who have to pay a lot more, changing the overlay is quite feasible. I am considering buying another 30B nevertheless, because who knows how long HP will be offering it?

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