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WP 34s Re-Flashing
Message #1 Posted by Jim Johnson on 18 Jan 2012, 11:03 a.m.

I was successful in finally re-flashing the memory of the HP 30b calculator, but with some difficulty. I'm using MySamba, running on a Windows 7 pc. I used a USB to serial adapter (Staples brand, but suspect it's really a Belkin adapter). This connects to the DB-9 serial connector on the flash cable that connects to the 6-pin connector that plugs into the back of the HP 30b. I was successful in getting the calculator to erase (no response of the ON button) after a lot of manipulation of the ERASE and RESET buttons on the programming cable. The HP 30b now "appeared" dead (no display response to a key press). After some frustration using various usb to serial converters, I re-read the instructions about pressing the "ON" key before you try to upload the code to re-flash the calculator. THIS IS ESSENTIAL! The board inside of the HP 30b won't automatically come on when you plug in the programming cable. So before you press "SEND" on the MySamba window, you MUST press the "ON" key (or EXIT key if you've re-labeled the HP30B) on the HP30b so the calculator will power up and communicate with the MySamba program. Once I figured this out, it uploaded the program and re-flashed the HP 30b. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Not if you are interrupted in the middle of the re-flashing process and you miss this step of pressing the "ON" key before re-flashing the AT91SAM7L128-EK processor! Good luck to all in this endeavor and thanks to the tireless WP 34s team.

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