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HP70 - cosmetic side
Message #1 Posted by Alberto Fenini on 10 Dec 2011, 8:09 a.m.

I have had my first experience with the Tamiya TS-80 and I wanted to share the results.
At first I wanted to swap the keyboard plate with an old HP45. However, as it had been impossible toremove the lettering as opposite to when you DON'T want to remove the lettering and they fade away by simply cleaning the keyboardplate, I gave up and decided to keep the original plate.
This had been sand paper treated becuase of some badscratches that I wanted to remove, so the original appearance was a little changed.
With a flow of hot air (150 C) I have removed the plate from the original shell.
This way I can restore the silver trim easier than with the plate installed and also, using the tamiya will require less protection.
I'm wondering is someone else has used the spray before, and if they are using the original can, a micro airbrush or just a brush.
Since I don't have a microairbrush, I have used botha brush (forget it ...) and the orginal can, on some old keyboard plates and plastic pieces.
It must be said it is not very easy, but I think there are two secrets : 1 stay at least at 40 cm away from the object you want to paint and 2 use VERY little spary i.e. push the cap very gently.
It may be obviuos, but to me it was not ....
I', attaching the results and any comment or suggestion to improve the tecnique will be very welcome
anejoy the weekend!!

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