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a tad pricy thermal paper source
Message #1 Posted by Duane Hess on 6 Nov 2011, 9:30 p.m.

Must admit this is a self-serving post (but not of a monetary nature). Wanted to e-mail someone, but it wouldn't let me until I posted. So decided to copy a document I put on the HP Calculator Fan Club on FB concerning a possible paper source for HP-91/92/97 & HP-9810 printers.

received a question concerning how long the print will last before fading. I don't know. The PMC paper I've had only about 12 months. Things printed a year ago are still plenty dark and have been kept in a home environment in a folder. Tried to find some genuine 82045 listings, sure I have some somewhere that should be about 3 years old, but can't find them. hmmm.. IDK.


Saw a post on about HP-97 printer paper. As many of you know PMC-05233 is an equivalent. I called their tech support and verified it actually is an OEM equivalent to HP-82045A (other than paper width, length & color). Spoke to PMC's tech support as most Google-located thermal paper supply companies I called simply wanted to know the roll width/length and then declared it "OEM compatible". I specifically quizzed those reps & they didn't know if it was equivalent to HP-82045A, but assured me if it was the same width/length, then it would be OK. Maybe now-a-days all thermal paper is suitable with most everything as opposed to earlier days when 82175A paper shouldn't be used in a calc designed for 82045A.

I buy PMC05233 directly from a local office supply store, who has it in stock. Don't recall the price, but it was under $3 for a 3-roll pack and (obviously) there are no shipping charges as with Internet orders. i.e. don't forget your local suppliers.

Other info, which I've never taken advantage of, is Graphics Controls, Buffalo NY, 800/669-1535. Talked with their technical support and they claimed to be an OEM paper manufacturer; i.e. they are/were a supplier of HP labelled papers for many years. Last August they had part number 9281-0401 available in their catalog which is the HP part number for the paper used in the HP-9810/9820 built-in printer. Its a tad expensive at $8.14/roll, minimum order is 12 rolls, lead-time is approx 6(?) weeks. Their part number was 00595090. HP-82045A (blue) paper for the HP-91/92/97 was $4.99/roll minimum 12, same 6-8 week lead time; GC P/N 10149780. HP82175A (GC P/N 10134081) $5.50/roll, 6 roll minimum, forget lead time.

I am no way associated with Graphics Controls or any paper manufacturer/distributor, simply passing along information I learned. Due to health reasons and subsequent monitary diminishment, never persued the issue. I noticed the HP-9810A printer paper is no longer listed on their website, which is what originally lead me to them. The GC tech rep didn't know if they were an OEM supplier directly to HP for the 9281-0401 paper, but insisted it is equivalent with all specifications HP originally gave for the paper and GC is itself a paper manufacturer. Don't recall the shipping charges on any of the minimum orders listed above, but they were reasonable. about $5-$7 per minimum order. Never checked groups of orders.

Granted the per roll price may seem high, but compared with "TAS" they're cheaper than some sales I've seen. takes you directly to their web page, in the upper right simply enter:


and you'll see the HP-82045A paper. You'll have to call them for a price quote/lead-time info.

I used PMC-05233 paper in my HP-9810 and holy crap, it printed but black fuzz came off all over the place (presume from higher heat of print head compared to HP-97) The paper was also a bit thin to feed well. The HP-82045A worked well in the 9810, but only tried it just to see. Tried to find a direct equivalent to the HP-9810 paper (9281-0401) as I didn't want paper issues hurting the printhead. That's what originally lead me to Graphics Controls.

The above information was as of August 2010.

Re: a tad pricy thermal paper source
Message #2 Posted by David Ramsey on 7 Nov 2011, 10:57 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Duane Hess

2.25" thermal paper doesn't seem to be hard to find; I bought a 12-pack of it at my loco OfficeMax and it works fine in my 97s, 82240 IR printers, and whatnot. I can't speak to its longevity, though.

Now, finding paper for an SR-60 printer is a bit harder...

Re: a tad pricy thermal paper source
Message #3 Posted by Thomas Chrapkiewicz on 7 Nov 2011, 12:07 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by David Ramsey

Do any of the available thermal rolls produce black print (like the old HP material)? The local office supply stuff I've used is all blue print.


Re: a tad pricy thermal paper source
Message #4 Posted by Duane Hess on 7 Nov 2011, 12:36 p.m.,
in response to message #3 by Thomas Chrapkiewicz


The PMC-05233 paper produces black, not quite as dark as the HP-82175A paper, but close. I have several HP-82143A (HP-41C type) printers; both produce the same black intensity difference between the two papers. I'd say about 20% less dark with the PMC; at least using the equipment I have. The printers I have produce nearly jet-black using the original 82175A paper. PMC is not faint, just lighter.

Originally obtained the PMC part number from earlier threads on here. Those threads indicated a number of people use it and feel comfortable using it. After talking with their tech support I feel comfortable about using it in my 97.

I'm intrigued you have a blue paper source. Those always seemed difficult for me to find. Just plain don't like black myself. Do you have a brand/part number for it? Or where you buy it? Always interested in furthering my "paper search".

Re: a tad pricy thermal paper source
Message #5 Posted by Thomas Chrapkiewicz on 7 Nov 2011, 12:59 p.m.,
in response to message #4 by Duane Hess


Here are some paper(s) I have: (I have not yet tested them - perhaps at a later date. I have had these a while and not certain if they are all still available)

- Staples brand 226290 - 2.25"w, 165' roll - Sears MY58005 - 2.25"w, 165' roll - PM (Paper Manufacturers Company, Indianapolis, Ill, USA)5233 - 2.25"w, 85' roll (found this at a Rite-Aid Pharmacy)

Note that the Staples and Sears products are very large rolls and my not fit in HP applications.

Also, I've noticed on a HP82175A box, it says specifically to NOT use it in Hp97/91/92.


Re: a tad pricy thermal paper source
Message #6 Posted by Duane Hess on 7 Nov 2011, 1:19 p.m.,
in response to message #5 by Thomas Chrapkiewicz

Thanks for the blue info!

I've seen the 82175 warning for the 97. The PMC 05233 paper is allegedly an OEM equivalent for the 82045A paper (other than color & paper weight). The 82045A paper should work anywhere 82175 is used, but not the other way around. I sure hope PMC wasn't feeding me a line about 82045A equivalence. Granted I might die before wearing out the printhead, but why take a chance? I like to feel I'll outlive my 97. (however, find that concept annoying as I'd need to get another one)

Re: a tad pricy thermal paper source
Message #7 Posted by Thomas Chrapkiewicz on 7 Nov 2011, 2:00 p.m.,
in response to message #6 by Duane Hess

Hi Duane:

Some of these may be black; I'll try to test them all out soon (weeks/months), and I'll report back. My testing will likely be in a HP82240B.


Re: a tad pricy thermal paper source
Message #8 Posted by Duane Hess on 7 Nov 2011, 12:17 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by David Ramsey

Glad you responded, it was a reminder my usual verbosity buries the point.

My concern was the issue of whether incorrect paper actually does damage printheads. Or whether modern paper is compatible with everything. There have been several threads on that here, not sure there was ever an answer other than a generic "the paper I use hasn't hurt anything so far."

Which was the point of my post, if there are other users as neurotic about the issue as me, GC might be a paper source.

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