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HHC 2011 / O.S. Extension Pack
Message #1 Posted by Software49g on 7 Oct 2011, 5:16 p.m.


those who have been at HHC 2011 have seen my O.S. Extension Pack for the HP 50g.

The O.S. Extension Pack is a downgraded version of the Multi Lingual Pack and contains only the English parts of it.
It is for those who do not want or need the other languages available. The O.S. Extension Pack can not be upgraded to a full Multi Lingual Pack.

The O.S. Extension Pack requires ROM 2.15 or higher and consists of

- English Language Pack (must be installed for taking over the operating system)

- TreeBrowser / Formula Browser (must be installed for viewing data sets)

- TreeBrowserBuilder / Formula Builder


- Data set of the Equation Library

- Data set of the most common formulas of economics

- Fast CAS help system (extendable to act as a help for all commands)

More information about it is available on my website


The new and fast help engine is capable of handling very large text with inline graphics.
If there is interest it could be used to bring the AUR incorporated into the O.S. thus allowing help for *all* built-in commands.
Please contact me by private mail if you would like to help with it.

Re: HHC 2011 / O.S. Extension Pack
Message #2 Posted by Giancarlo on 8 Oct 2011, 1:14 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Software49g

Hello Andreas, Thank you very much for posting this information. Unfortunately i couldn't attend to the hhc2011 but i had the chance to see your presentation on youtube (looking for hhc 2011). You did a great job!

Your piece of sw seems to be very useful and integrates very well with the hp50 os completing with Gui some programs like the Mes.

Some questions of your presentation were very interesting. I am referring to the development of os updates (new roms) and in general the development of new high end calculators. Did you have some hopes on these points? Did you have the chance to speak about these points with Hp attendees?

Btw, if you need some transaltion in italian please ask; i would be more than happy to contribute.


Giancarlo from Italy

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