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USB to Serial Cable for WP-34S
Message #1 Posted by Dan W on 16 Sept 2011, 4:51 p.m.

This comes up a lot so I searched the forums and this is a summary of specific cables people have said work. Probably any FTDI based cable will work. Avoid cheap Chinese cables. Win7 and Vista have native drivers for FTDI USB-serial devices. Samba 2.10 runs fine under Windows 7.


Digitus (FTDI) USB-to-Serial-Adapter

ES-U-1001-R100 USB-to-RS232 (FTDI) adapter (Based on the latest FTDI "R" series chip set technology). Sold by EasySync, but this is the FTDI cable product.

USB-COM232-PLUS1 (This is an FTDI adapter from USB to RS232, no cable)

FTDI US232R-10 (Same as the EasySync product)

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