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My HP 15C is here! IT DOES EXIST!!!!!
Message #1 Posted by jonathan G harris on 13 Sept 2011, 2:51 p.m.

I oredered 3 of the HP15C LE from last Thursday and they arrived today!!! I bought 2 for myself (primary calc and spare)and 1 for my friend who is a SRO (senior reactor operator) at the dreaded University of Florida (We had physics/calcs together). I am a Relay Engineer (protection & control) and I use a calculator almost daily for both work and trivial calculations. All 3 came in one box and I absolutely love the packaging. Looks very professional and everthing so far looks good. I am gonna take (the one I opened...) home and play with it tonight along with one of my original 15Cs that I bought off of Ebay 2-3 years ago. The keys don't feel as good as the original but so far I am very happy and pleased with my purchase. I am a little suprised at the cost of the new models. They could have charged a hundred apeice and I (along with probably everyone that has bought the new 15C..) would still have bought three.

I am happy that the HP calculator community fought the good fight. I have been an engineer for 4 years and even though I own a TI-86, TI-92+, HP 50G, 33S, 35S (for the EIT/PE) the only calculator that will ever be (or fits...) in my shirt pocket will be a HP15C!!!

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