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Anyone have a copy of this?
Message #1 Posted by gene wright on 17 Apr 2011, 2:22 p.m.

Or any other old SR-52 SR-56 books or materials? I made it my aim a few years ago to help encourage the documenting of the TI calculator story since the HP side was already pretty well documented.

For example, at one time, there was a quite extensive user collected library of game programs for the 100 step SR-56 calculator, but I have not been able to find copies of the programs anywhere.

So, anyone?


Book Review Statistics for the SR-52: Keyboard Data, 188 pages $10.00; Statistics for the SR-52: Card Data, 100 pages $11.00; and Statistics for the SR-56, 79 pages $9.30; all by C Donaldson Ellis, published 1977 by Wilmardon Publishing Box 461 Storrs, CT 06268.

All three volumes are printed in a pica typewriter font, one side of 8 x 11 paper, with direct copy of PC-100 printer listings opposite manually generated mnemonics for program listings. Each program begins with a brief description of what it does (assuming user familiarity with statistics usage), along with special requirements and limitations.

User instructions are contained in a step-numbered Procedure section. This is followed by a table of register contents, and the program listing. Applicable formulas and algorithms are noted as being found in one or more of five references, but are not printed in the text; there are no sample problems. All programs are written for use with the PC-100, with notes covering required modifications for SR-52/56 use only.

The SR-52 keyboard manual covers 54 statistics programs, some requiring more than 224 steps. Input data are entered as required from the keyboard. The card manual arranges half of the keyboard programs to allow for data storage and retrieval via mag cards.

Data packing and unpacking routines are given, but actual card storage is by program step only (no mention is made of direct storage to/from program registers. Register tables show data assignments to Reg 98, 99, 00, ... 19.

Note that a 2 X 2/ 3 X 3 matrix inversion program requires 445 steps, and one titled "Four-way ANOVA--Unweighted Means" requires 1736 steps (8 cards).

The SR-56 manual follows along the same lines, covering 40 programs, some of which require more than 100 steps. The longest program is "Mixed ANOVA 1 Within and 1 Between" which requires 242 steps (3 programs to key in).

Re: Anyone have a copy of this?
Message #2 Posted by Marcus von Cube, Germany on 17 Apr 2011, 2:35 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by gene wright

I used to have an SR-56 at the time and even managed to write my own 3x3 linear equation solver. Sadly, the material is long gone. :(

Re: Anyone have a copy of this?
Message #3 Posted by Frido Bohn on 18 Apr 2011, 3:52 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by gene wright

Hello Gene,

in the download area of Joerg Woerner's Datamath Museum ( you will find countless documentation about TI calculators, among others:

- SR-56 Coding Form (European)
- SR-56 Owners Manual
- SR-56 Programming Workbook

The "SR-56 Applications Library" was somewhere I cannot recall, in case of interest send me an email.


Re: Anyone have a copy of this?
Message #4 Posted by gene wright on 18 Apr 2011, 7:50 a.m.,
in response to message #3 by Frido Bohn

Thank you, but I have all of that. It is the slightly more obscure materials I had hoped to find.

In fact, on in the "Library" section, you'll find a ton of documentation for the old SR52 and SR56 that I arranged to be published on that site. :-)

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