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HP-41 Games Library near completion
Message #1 Posted by 聲gel Martin on 3 July 2010, 11:17 a.m.


The Games project is close to completion - after a few weeks collecting old classic games from different sources - notably this museum and TOS, as well as dozens of old PPC issues.

When I first started with this idea I thought I'd end up with a couple of 8k

modules, but soon enough it became apparent that it'd have to be quite some more.

Then I got some requests to also include "adventure" games, and that of course changed things even more.

So meet the "HP-41 Games Library", which so far has reached 52k split into 4 modules as follows:

Volume I.- Rubik & Chess, an 8k Module already available at TOS Volume II.- Funstuff, a 16k module containing traditional games Volume III.- Adventures, a 24k Module with... yes, that! Volume IV.- Trekkies, a (meager) 4k ROM with ST favorites.

Here's a short index of the contents, no doubt you'll recognize some titles (and some authors, a real who's who in the 41 world):

Volume II =========

Function Description Author -PLAYGROUND Section Header 聲gel Martin 3DTTT 3D Tic-Tac-Toe hp BSHIP Battle Ship Luis Gasperini FLIP Flip-Flop hp HANGM Hangman Michael Harwood HANOI Hanoi Towers Stefan Fegert MAGIC Magic Squares JM Baillard MMIND Master Mind JM Baillard MN? MM Utility JM Baillard PANMGC Pan-Magic Squares JM Baillard ROBOTS Robot Trap hp ROLLERS High Rollers Ross Cooling WARI Game of Wari hp RNG Random Number Gen. JM Baillard 7P<>S Register Swap hp -ALBILLOS Section Header 聲gel Martin CDAT Chess Data Load 聲gel Martin CHKERS Checkers Valent璯 Albillo CPRT Chess Print board Valent璯 Albillo KPRT Checkers Print board Valent璯 Albillo MNCHSS Mini-Chess 5x5 Valent璯 Albillo REVERSI Reversi (Othello) Valent璯 Albillo -ROMANS Section Header 聲gel Martin N>R Arab to Roman JM Baillard PMTR Roman prompt 聲gel Martin R>N Roman to Arab JM Baillard -ACTION Section Header 聲gel Martin GOUF Catch the Goufers Thomas Fange LANDER Planet Lander hp SCATTER Scatter hp SIMON Simon hp TARG Target Mark Gessner ZCAR Zcar - An Action Game Cary E. Reinstein -CASINO Section Header 聲gel Martin BJ Black Jack ?? DOMINO Dominoes ?? GAMBL Gambler ?? PETALS Petals around the Rose Edward M. Keefe POKER Poker JM Baillard RLTTE American Roulette JM Baillard SKK Skunkers Gene Wright SNLD Snakes & Ladders JM Baillard YATZ Yathzee Gene Wright -PINBALL Section Header 聲gel Martin WIZARD Pinball Wizard Craig Pearce PDAT Pinball Data load 聲gel Martin INIT Initialization 聲gel Martin -SLOT MCH Section Header 聲gel Martin FRUIT Fruit Machine Brian Ward HOLD Hold Reels Brian Ward NUDGE Nudge Reels Brian Ward SPIN Spin Reels Brian Ward WIN Winners Brian Ward -SOUND FX Section Header 聲gel Martin BZZON Buzz mode on Andreas Meyer CLAXON Claxon Mark Power NOBZZ Buzz mode Off 聲gel Martin MORSE Morse Code JM Baillard RASP Rasp Mark Power TONEXY Tone Nelson Crowle LEFT Moves display to left Nelson Crowle GOOSE Left Goose chr Nelson Crowle

Volume III ==========

Dungeons, by Antonio Lagana (Yes, the author of i41CX!) Adventure, by Bruce Bailey The Caves, by James Surber Black Tower, by Doug Hanson The Castle, by P. Legros & P. Marysaael The Hobbit, by Dejan Ristanovic Hunt the Wumpus, by David Hayden Swords & Sorcery, by Peter O. Johnson Arena of Death, by Tom Longland Terror Damm, by Layne Johnsoon Truck, by hp??

There's of course material for more, and I'll gladly add your contributions if you

send me RAW files for them (both my firgertips and my wand are too tired to keep

expanding it more!)

The project is under final testing phase, should be ready in a few more days. As

you can imagine the testing won't be exhaustive, specially for the adventure

games of course. Feel free to report errors back for correction if you happen to

find some.

Have fun!

Edited: 3 July 2010, 5:53 p.m. after one or more responses were posted

Re: HP-41 Games Library near completion
Message #2 Posted by gene wright on 3 July 2010, 4:23 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by 聲gel Martin

You really ARE trying to get me to upgrade my original NoVRAM to a NoVRAM 64, aren't you? :-)

Thanks for all this work. Have to dig out my burner and remember who to load these things. Had not changed my configuration in quite a while!

Re: HP-41 Games Library near completion
Message #3 Posted by 聲gel Martin on 4 July 2010, 11:16 a.m.,
in response to message #2 by gene wright

Well, you can also crank up your V41 or i41CX+... it's quite something seeing the Chess/Checkers/Reversi virtual printouts on the iPod Touch, kind of a retro-gaming spree :)

Re: HP-41 Games Library near completion
Message #4 Posted by Diego Diaz on 4 July 2010, 11:44 a.m.,
in response to message #2 by gene wright

Hi 聲gel, Gene,

Outstanding compilation... looks like PS3 now have a serious contender!... and much more portable indeed.

Gene, Your NoVRAM is certainly enough to run any of these modules... (unless you want to have them all at your fingertips). Anyhow, if you're looking for a good "excuse" to get your NoV-64, this might well be one of the best... :-))



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