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OT: My favorite HP non-calculator toy: HP4500
Message #1 Posted by Michael Meyer on 27 Jan 2009, 11:15 a.m.

I bought an HP-4500 shortly after they came out, and always enjoyed it, but used it sparingly. Now that these printers are usually less than $100 and supplies are cheap ($5-10 original toners, $10 fusers, etc.) I have several of them running, happily spitting out nice color documents at home and work.

I used to tell my kids not to use their ink jets so much. Now I tell them, "You're not printing enough!" to the wireless beast.

I love being able to tear these things down and restore them, and I think they are well engineered HP technology. The new printers are smaller and faster, but are "disposable", and not meant to be repaired and the supplies very expensive, and their image quality is no better, IMHO.

4500's are tanks, however. My wife never complained about a few calculators, but she hates it when I have one or two of these on the dining room table (being fixed for friends).

Anyone else enjoy these, or is there another HP color printer I should be playing with?

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