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Re: 12c application books (leasing, real estate, ... ?) anyone?
Message #1 Posted by Mvdn on 3 Nov 2008, 2:25 p.m.

Topic for Peter A. Gebhardt, David Hicks, hpnut and Gene Wright,

In September there was a post about HP12C Application books.

I have the three different books :

HP 12C Solutions Handbook (order part number 00012-90009) - 152 pages

HP-12C Real Estate Applications Handbook (opn 00012-90015) - 102 pages

HP-12C Leasing Applications Handbook (opn 00012-90021) - 117 pages

I promised to scan them.

Now I have made a test scan from the HP12C Leasing Application handbook .

It's about 4MB but I need to redo it because partially it's off!

I don't have email addresses. If you mail me on michel underscore vandongen at hotmail dot com I'll mail you a link (to a share) to download it.

As soon as you let me know such scanned document will work for you I'll scan all three.


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