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HP-71b best config ever
Message #1 Posted by Roland Storz on 20 Oct 2008, 6:55 a.m.

Finally I found the time to combine all my bits and pieces to test working environment for my HP71 which includes:

HP-71b (incl. HPIL, Math- and Forth Pack) Registered Emu71 by J.-F. Garnier HP-IL/PC Interface Card by Ch. Klug Older PC with ISA slot and windows 98 JPCF01.BIN and RPNLEX

Im totally enthusiastic, all that works perfectly together. As a basic HP71 environment you do not need anything more, at least I cannot imagine to TOP this. I do hope this works till the end of my life.

Just one little issue where Im a bit lost concerns the optimal procedure to set up the HPIL Loop.

During the start up I got several times the HPIL ERR messages: Loop broken or HPIL Device not found or Device not ready. I tried several ways to set up and to find the optimal way, even the sequence of switching on devices, however, for me there seems no real logic behind. Sometimes it works immediately, sometimes not. I tried this little Basic Program SEND71 as well. It works quite good to send from emu71 to HP71 but not vice versa.

Any idea to optimize? Thanks in advance, Roland

Re: HP-71b best config ever
Message #2 Posted by Egan Ford on 21 Oct 2008, 12:26 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Roland Storz

Turn it all on, then from the 71B type RESTORE IO, then type CALL LOOPCAT and see what you can see.

If you continue to have problems then you may have a cable or hardware problem.

I have no issues with EMU71 to 71B transfers in any direction. IIRC, I originate gets and puts from from EMU71. Just make sure you coordinate REMOTE LOCAL CONTROL ON/OFF correctly.

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