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HP41 MLDL2000 update
Message #1 Posted by Meindert Kuipers on 4 Sept 2008, 7:45 a.m.

While working on the new version of the MLDL2000 I discovered a potential issue that might influence the stability of the current MLDL200 as well. I am working on a fix, this would require an update of the CPLD firmware. Also, an issue in handling MOD files was found by one of the users. Here is a short overview of the current issues that are relevant for the current MLDL2000 users:

1. Handling of MOD files under Windows Vista: when MOD files are read-only, the M2kM application does not handle this correctly and may refuse to open subsequent MOD files

2. Closing a MOD file without ROM contents (like memory modules) results in an Range Check error

3. Reading the Firmware ID and determining SRAM size (which happens when the MLDL2000 is connecting with M2kM) may change SRAM conents, particularly the 1st ROM in SRAM.

4. Programming firmware may change SRAM contents. Please note that it is recommended to make a backup anyway before changing firmware.

5. The MLDL2000 may become unstable. This may depend on temperature, power supply or type of HP41.

For the above issues, I will publish a fix within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, V2 is coming together nicely. Power management is improved, and the new levelshifter works fine (which revelead the instability issue). I should be starting with the real new changes after the updates are published. A proto may be available during the Allschwill meeting beginning November ....


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