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Nonpareil progress on 67, 97, and 19C
Message #1 Posted by Eric Smith on 27 July 2008, 6:00 p.m.

I think the 67 is now fully functional, including the card reader, except that I haven't figured out how the microcode detects that a card is write-protected, so for now it only simulates write-enabled cards.

The user interface for the card reader is a bit clunky at the moment. I wanted to add a "Card Reader" menu with entries for "Insert Card..." and "Insert New Card...", but until I rework some of the GUI code, I wasn't able to do it that way. Currently Nonpareil opens an extra window for the card reader that has two buttons for inserting existing or new cards.

On the 97, the printer and card reader seem fully functional, aside from the write protect issue. The remaining problem on the 97 is that the SST and BST keys don't show program step while held down in RUN mode.

The 19C now displays "Error" (and prints "ERROR") on power-up, but doesn't do anything beyond that.

Fixing the 97 SST/BST and the 19C will require a fair bit of reworking the Nonpareil code to generalize the way the keyboard simulation works and to add explicit simulation of signals wiring between chips.

I'm trying to have this ready for a new Nonpareil release in time for HHC 2008.

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