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HP17BII+ Battery Exchange - Tip to succeed!
Message #1 Posted by Peter A. Gebhardt on 8 June 2008, 5:50 p.m.

"... Also, each battery change so far (HP17BII+) has led to total memory loss - and I'm sure I didn't touch the ON key ..."

A message from the past - after I found a handy solution NOT to touch the CLR/ON key to POWER ON the calculator during battery exchange.

Put your 17BII+ (keyboard pointing face down) on the calculator's pouch CROSSWISE (+). This leaves the CLR/ON key free & clear above the desktop during battery exchange.

The pouch is stable enough to resist the applied force when you insert the new batteries one after another.

Another hour saved of retyping SOLVER equations ...

Best regards,

Peter A. Gebhardt

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