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To whom it may concern: Clarifying note regarding fake Clonix copies.
Message #1 Posted by Diego Diaz on 6 June 2008, 8:59 p.m.

Clarifying note regarding fake Clonix copies.

There has been several users who have mailed me asking for information regarding the Clonix module after they have purchased a fake clonix module from a second source.

Here is an abstract on my policy regarding this subject:

- It is unfair and unacceptable that someone ask for advice from the original source when he/she has bought a fake product. It’s quite like if I bought a fake Rolex at a flea market an then go to an Official Rolex representative asking for advice on how to properly use the chronograph.

- It is also unfair and unacceptable that the customer says that he/she didn’t know that I manufacture/sell the module. If he/she has been able to reach my mail account asking for assistance “after” purchasing the fake unit, would also has to have been able to mail me “before” the purchase with any question. I don’t mind at all that anyone buys anything anywhere, but please do not insult my intelligence, that’s something that really upsets me.

- I have no intention to support any module not manufactured by me.

- I have not authorized anyone to build Clonix for commercial purposes and will never do.

- I will keep on supporting and helping anyone who wants to build his/her own Clonix for private use.

- All the on-line info regarding technical aspects of my job has been removed from the web. Currently, the whole page has been removed.

- Further updates will be mailed only to the customers on my records. If you’re one of them and have changed your mail account or want to confirm your address. Please drop me a line including “Clonix customer mail” on the subject.

- Last, but not least, as far as I know fake modules have been build using the preliminary prototype (pre-production) specs. These specs were proven unsafe and do not meet Absolute Maximum Ratings, that’s why I modified them before first production run. Should they run for a lifetime or kill your module/calculator is at your own risk.

Diego Diaz. Canary Islands. June 7th, 2008

PS. This is just for information, I won't follow up this thread.

Edited: 7 June 2008, 4:16 p.m.

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