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A Third Order Linear Equation Solver for the HP 35Sc
Message #1 Posted by Palmer O. Hanson, Jr. on 22 May 2008, 4:02 a.m.

In an earlier thread started on May 5 Jamie Slade wrote:

I am trying to use the built in [HP 35S} linear equation solver using complex numbers. However, after entering all the complex coefficients HP 35s displays a result of "NO SOLUTION." Why is this happening? Am I doing something wrong? Section 9-7 of the HP 35s manual states: "You can type complex numbers in equations...Equations containing complex numbers can be solved and integrated." Does anybody know how to solve a system of equations with complex coefficients using the built in linear solve equation? Or maybe a program that can. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You
I added the italics.

Stefan Vorkoetter responded by noting that his Matrix Multi-Tool program will solve large systems with real or complex coefficients. I have used his program both ways. Stefan's program uses over 400 lines and offers many options. Not everyone needs all that capability. Someone who can be content with a program which will solve second and third order systems and doesn't need the inverse of the matrix might want to consider my 93 line "Third Order Linear Equation Solver for the HP-35S" which appears as Article 887 in this forum.

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