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Let and get 17bII+
Message #1 Posted by Darin Murphy on 8 May 2008, 3:25 p.m.

I have been reading about and messing with the 17bII+ solver. I use it for financial work (at a bank) and for college. I want to use L() and G() but they seem very buggy. I am not a programmer by any stretch, but I read on this forum about initializing variables. Would someone mind explaining to me why I can put in a simple calculation like:

Z= L(A:B*2)+G(A)

If I use 5 for B it returns an answer of 10. If I try to (I think this is how it's done?) initialize by a seperate calculation of: Y=A+B

Then it returns the correct answer of 20; but if I try clear the inputs and try to enter say 30 for z and solve for B I get bad Guesses or Overflow. Regardless to say I am quite confused and any insight would be appreciated.

Re: Let and get 17bII+
Message #2 Posted by Don Shepherd on 8 May 2008, 7:49 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Darin Murphy

Darin, I tried that equation on my 17bii+ and I get 20 for Z when I set B to 5 which, as you say, is the correct answer. I don't know how you got 10. And if I solve for B after setting Z to a value, I get a proper answer.

L() and G() pretty much work as advertised, in my experience. I think they did not work (at all) in some earlier versions of the 17 series, but they work fine in my gold version I purchased a bit over a year ago and the silver version.

There are some anomalies in the current solver, and there are many threads in the archives that speak to these. Also, article # 830 discusses some problems I have found, and workarounds.


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