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EMS ROM doesn't work on HP-85A (note for PRM-85 owners)
Message #1 Posted by john as (uk) on 25 Feb 2008, 6:39 p.m.


Just to pass on the information that the Series 80 Extended Mass Storage ROM only works with the HP-86/87 (ROM 00087-15013) and with the HP-85B/9915B (ROM 00085-15013), but not with the HP-85A (which is more common). The EMS ROM allows owners to use SS-80 protocol drives as well as Amigo, so making it easier to find a comptabile disk drive.

Apologies as I have had some misleading information on my '1980s vintage computing' web page about the EMS ROM for a few years, stating the EMS was for any Series 80 machine, I'll correct this later this week.


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