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HP48 Printing in Trace Mode
Message #1 Posted by Gerry Schultz on 14 Dec 2007, 6:57 p.m.

I've been working on a program that started on an HP-97 and I moved and rewrote it over to my 41. Not a big deal as the 41C card reader can translate 67/97 cards. In rewriting it to get rid of the translated 67/97 commands, I used my printer's trace mode for troubleshooting.

Now, I am translating it to my 48GX and given the structured programming designed into the 48, I will have to completely rewrite the program. I am excited about this as it forces me to learn how to program the 48GX and to help me troubleshoot my work, I would like to trace print to my 82240B printer.

But, I have found out that the 48GX/82240B doesn't have a trace mode. I went back to through the archives through 2002 and the only reference to it is from earlier this year when James M. Prange posted an explaination of 48/49 series print trace / vectored ENTER. I didn't really understand it so is there another, easier way to implement trace printing from a 48GX?

Thanks for the help,


Re: HP48 Printing in Trace Mode
Message #2 Posted by Thomas Chrapkiewicz on 15 Dec 2007, 2:10 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Gerry Schultz

The HP48 series has a different sort of 'Printer Operating Paradigm' that the 67 and 41 Series.

The 48 provides a number of Printer functions (PR1, PRST, PRSTC, etc...) that you embed in your program. When your program executes and these printer functions are executed, the appropriate values are sent to the printer. The printer that they are sent to is dependent on how you have the IOPAR (IR/Wire, etc) set. Thus, the printer can be either a 82240A/B or serial printer(or other serial device) near or attached to the 48. If you have the IOPAR set to communicate with an 82240 and the printer is not on or close to the HP48, the program will continue as the IR communication with the printer is one-way. This of course will impact program execution time. This time can be adjusted via the DELAY parameter in the IOPAR. Of course, you could create your own type of TRACE mode by modifying your code such that Printer related command execution is dependent on flag setting(s).

On a related note, I have used a 'Home IR repeater' (devices designed to send Home Stereo/TV remote commands via RF throughout the home) to send HP48 IR printer output across my home.

Hope this information helps,


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