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35s Using the Equation Solver
Message #1 Posted by Martin Pinckney on 26 Nov 2007, 2:22 p.m.

I frequently like to repeat-solve the same (assignment) equation with different values for the independent variable(s). With the 35s, I have to start all over each time, entering into equation mode by pressing EQN. Of course, the equation I want to re-evaluate is already at the bottom of the list, so I press (blue-shift) Solve, the letter for the dependent variable (always the same!), then enter the new variable value(s), followed by R/S, to get the new answer, but then it dumps me out of equation mode again. Why can't it just stay in the same equation until I exit? Both the 27s and 17b / 17bii solvers work the way I like (not to mention these models have a very alpha-rich solver that allows variable names up to 10 characters long!)

The problem with the 35s solver seems to be its lineage - from the 32sii, which has the same limitations.

Does anyone know a way around this (having to start all over and run through the whole process each time)?

Re: 35s Using the Equation Solver
Message #2 Posted by bill platt on 26 Nov 2007, 3:01 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Martin Pinckney

If you are always using the same dependent variable, then write a program instead, and put at at the top of the program list, with RTN as the last command. Then all you have to do is push R/S to run it. If you write it with INPUT commands, it will act just like the equation approach in that it will prompt for the values of the independent variables. You can write this in RPN or ALG or you can write an equation inside the program space, as you prefer.

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