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HELP! Wanted, a missing part of an HP85...
Message #1 Posted by Gabriele Zaverio on 11 Nov 2007, 7:20 a.m.

Hi all,

We at our Freaknet Computer Museum ( are trying to restore our HP85.

A particular piece is missing: a trasparent plastic part on top of the HP85, where the paper exit from the printer; this transparent plastic part is used to "cut" the paper exiting from the printer!

Without this part, we have to cut the paper using scissors :(

We're searching for this piece, maybe someone here have an old HP85 carcass from which this part can be recovered for us?

We can purchase it, or we can exchange with something else...

Also, detailed images and measures of this piece of plastic are welcome: we can try to reconstruct it using transparent plexiglas pieces. :)

Please help us! :)

Help by writing at asbesto (at) gmail (dot) com or here.

Many tnx :)


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