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What a 35s has caused...
Message #1 Posted by Arne Halvorsen (Norway) on 10 Nov 2007, 9:21 a.m.

Its funny to reflect what the arrival of the HP-35s has stirred up...

Early august one evening alone at the office (I am sure it was a dark and stormy one, they usual are here...) and needed to add two numbers.

In these situations I often remembered the old days I did that the right Polish way, and did again a check on the net if HP had gone sane, and voila, got me the 35s.

Later after a talk with my boss reasuring him I would no more steal his 15c it was decided the company should buy a 50g to see if it 'can be used to anything'... It is in our US branch at the moment, will get my hands on it eventualy.

Then all this got my boss also to remember a completely forgotten 28C collecting dust home, something he had used to check out some special IEEE standard functions when that had been made...

We then had fun mocking a coworker for not knowing a casio from a real thing... He mumbled something about he had some kind of graphing device while at engineering school, propably a TI...

Well, we had to apologise! The guy turned up with a 48GX the other day... Just to shows how great guy he is, he let me borrow it so can learn RPL to be prepared for the 50g.

BUT the best...: Today I got a shiny new old HP-41CV back from FixThatCalc!

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