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50g: phantom keystrokes?
Message #1 Posted by Dave Britten on 7 Nov 2007, 10:38 a.m.

I've had a weird issue with my 50g pop up a few times in recent weeks. I know some folks have problems with either repeated or missed keystrokes that are remedied by tweaking the keytime value, but I'm getting altogether different keystrokes. For example, I could be hitting the down arrow rapidly while looking through a program listing, and suddenly the calc registers a press from left or up. Or maybe I'm entering ' marks to put in a name/algebraic, and SIN comes up immediately after. It's relatively infrequent, but happens enough that it makes me wary to trust lengthy calculations without watching the screen every step of the way.

Would increasing the keytime value help prevent crosstalk? I've got it at about 650 right now. Hopefully this isn't a "send it back to HP" issue - I suspect the warranty is about gone (I ordered it a few days shy of a year ago).

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