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Pictures of DIY-RPN calculator in a Mylar case
Message #1 Posted by Richard Ottosen on 24 Oct 2007, 2:31 p.m.

Here are pictures of the DIY-RPN in the bent Mylar case:

This is the Laser-cut sheet of mylar before cleaning and bending. Note the small circles at each of the key locations. These are small holes to give tactile feedback for the postition of the switch.

The bent Mylar before installing the calculator circuit board and case bottom.

The Laser-cut case bottom for the bent Mylar case. It has Laser engraved lettering and recesses for rubber feet.

The DIY-RPN circuit board installed in the mylar case but without the graphic overlay installed.

The complete DIY-RPN in a bent Mylar case with a 33L overlay.

-- Richard

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