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50G Edat register loading
Message #1 Posted by Hal Bitton in Boise on 17 Sept 2007, 3:54 p.m.

Hi folks. I am just starting to use the statistical functions on my 50G, and need some help with loading the Edat register. Please be aware that I am not submitting this posting "off the cuff", as I have tried to derive the solution from both the user's guide and the users manual.
Here's my quandry: The users guide speaks of a functionality whereby I can load a newly written matrix directly from the matrix writer environment into the Edat (summation data) register by clicking on the EDAT softkey which, according to the manual, is supposed to be labeled in the matrix writer environment. There is no EDAT softkey label visible when I'm in the matrix writer. The only way I can get a newly written matrix into the EDAT register is to put it onto the stack first, then overwrite it into EDAT in the usual way (left shift, they hit the EDAT variable label). Granted it is not difficult to do it this way, but it seems that if the manual alludes to a more direct method, I should be able to use it. Any help on this would be appreciated.
Best regards, Hal

Re: 50G Edat register loading
Message #2 Posted by Norris on 17 Sept 2007, 5:44 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Hal Bitton in Boise

I don't think you can actually do anything with a matrix that is loaded into the MatrixWriter, except edit it. I think you have to exit the MatrixWriter environment before you can save the matrix to EDAT (or anywhere else). The HP-50G apparently feels that a matrix is still a work in progress as long as MatrixWriter is open, so it won't let you store the matrix until MatrixWriter is closed.

Once you've left the MatrixWriter and the completed matrix is on the stack, you can store it in EDAT with [left-shift] EDAT, or by invoking STOE from CAT (it's the last STO command), or by typing STOE ENTER (use CHARS ECHO1 for the Sigma). But none of these approaches seem to work while you're in the MatrixWriter.

Technically, it is possible to bring up an EDAT softkey within the MatrixWriter, by typing 96 MENU, then hitting ENTER and DATA. Or you could create a custom menu with EDAT or STOE softkeys, and then bring up your custom menu within the MatrixWriter. But if you try this, you will soon learn that the softkeys will only address the contents of the stack, even though the stack is not visible. The softkeys will not pay any attention to the contents of the MatrixWriter, even when they have been opened in the MatrixWriter environment.

I know of one other approach. You can enter the MatrixWriter Environment through [right-shift] STAT ENTER (to select the "single var" option) EDIT. After entering one or two columns of data, you can press ENTER ENTER to exit. If you go in and out of the MatrixWriter this way, your new matrix will automatically be saved into EDAT.

Edited: 18 Sept 2007, 12:33 p.m.

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