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HP-41C Wand Button Problem
Message #1 Posted by Seth Morabito on 9 Sept 2007, 1:59 a.m.

I've finally got a barcode wand (HP82153A) to help enter programs into my HP-41CX! It does work, but unfortunately the button seems to be a bit finicky.

If I press on the wrong part of the button, or if I press too hard, the red light will turn off. The best place to press seems to be near the red LED part of the wand. The worst place seems to be higher up on the wand, toward the cord. I have to give it just the right pressure, and make sure not to go over. If I do it just right, the light stays on and red the whole time, and barcodes can be scanned successfully. But if I press too hard, the light will go out in mid-scan.

Has anyone else ever seen this behavior? Is there anything I should try that might help?

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