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MEMORYLOST the sweetest word ever!!!
Message #1 Posted by Arne Halvorsen (Norway) on 3 Sept 2007, 1:48 p.m.


I propably should make this into some memory entry, but it happened right now and I just wanna share!

Some of you may have read this newbie's posts and know I am getting back in the game of hp rpn calculators because of the new 35s (in the mail).

Ok, my history with hp programmables are I started late primary school, my first programs (ever, I become a programmer) done on a HP-33E I *think* (at some point I sold it).

In high school I borrowed money from my brother and got me a HP-41cv, loved that machine. Wrote astronomic programs. After three years in high school it lasted through my 15 months mandatory military service. Then just about at the time going to university it fell to ground and would never more woke up!

I could not bring me to throw it away, but it got placed away somewhere...

All this 'hp35s I am going to have a big enter calc again' brought back memories, so this weekend visiting my parents place I did some snooping around... and under a ton of dust on top of a cabinet I found it... The calculator inside the holster so it was dust free, batery pack beside with some very old batteries in it...

Put it in and turn it on nothing... Ofcourse, these batteries are more 15+ year old...

I had to try, got out and got me four lr1 ones, brand new..., put it in...

Nothing... well, well...

Then after a minute or so, I tried again....

And suddenly... a word


And then


I tried

2 enter +


I am a bit emotional right now..., sure you guys understand...

Re: MEMORYLOST the sweetest word ever!!!
Message #2 Posted by Stefan Vorkoetter on 3 Sept 2007, 2:32 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Arne Halvorsen (Norway)

We understand!

I suspect when you initially dropped it that the plastic posts that the back screws into got cracked. It may be that it will once again stop working if there's not enough pressure pressing the logic board against the backplane. You might want to open it up (screws under the feet) and take a look.


Re: MEMORYLOST the sweetest word ever!!!
Message #3 Posted by Arne Halvorsen (Norway) on 3 Sept 2007, 6:11 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by Stefan Vorkoetter

Thanks, it sounds like you may have nailed it... The machine is ofcourse not ok; it was not power it ran out of all those years ago...

But it was working fine 10 or 15 min just me testing it in no prgm mode, then I tried to hit the prgrm key; no mode change.

But after some more prgrm key hits I did get into pgrm mode and enter a small program (thanks to the museum for providing basic 41 prgram info, I don't remember this stuff anymore!).

Then I started to get problems again with the power key...

But I am a bit excited! There seems to be 15+ year old live 41cv inside a broken shell. What do you experts say, sounds fixable? A job for the 'fix that calc' guys?

Yea, I know, I could get one on ebay if the point is just to have a working one, but there is the (silly) sentimental side, and the side that there could be one more live 41 in the world...

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