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Yet another simulator
Message #1 Posted by Mike T. on 21 Aug 2007, 6:01 p.m.

Some of you with long memories may just about remember this earlier post.

It has taken a bit longer then I planned to tidy up the code and release another version, probably because once I had a tool that was 'good enough' for my own needs I didn't have such a strong incentive to release another version in a hurry.

However, I didn't forget about it and though I finished up rewriting just about everything in order to get the code in to a presentable state for public release I finally have a new version of the simulator ready, or at least I thought I did until a couple of days ago, and Dave has very kindly placed a copy of a ZIP file containing it here.

In some ways it is a retrograde step as this release does not include the original HP33C simulation - the changes to the code were extensive enough to force me to test them using a simpler model. On the plus side though the current code can simulate both the HP21 and HP31E, and the code has been structured to make it easier to reuse. There are some differences between the simulations and the real thing, for details see the readme file included or the source code.

Unfortunately while using the simulator since uploading the file I've found a few really annoying bugs, so this defiantly isn't a finished piece of work even in the limited form presented here. I've have already fixed most of the problems and I'm busy working on getting these changes into the next version. This should also include simulations of the HP25C and HP33C and possibly the HP10C as well. (I'd really like to be able to simulate the HP32E but don't know how to approach the Q and Q-1 functions on this model as I'm not much of a mathematician).

Hopefully it won't take so long to this time!...

Note - I have already changed the interfaces to clsRPNcalc so the next version will not be compatible with this one.

Feedback is welcome but I already know I have a few issues to fix and it is quite possible some of the original problems may have found their way back into the code during the rewrite. Obviously I should have tested this for a longer period of time before uploading it but I really wanted to release something before I go on holiday this year and probably jumped the gun a bit as a result.

Please treat this as a BETA release, for use entirely at your own risk.

Mike T.

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