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My thinkings about HP35s keyboard layout and main capabilities
Message #1 Posted by Patrice on 8 June 2007, 12:37 p.m.

this is my idea of the way to make the HP35s as a scientific calculator for general purpose and worldwide use.

Diferences with 4x series: (so they don't compete) - no graphics. - no I/O but a way to print with IR. no memory card, no saving or loading of programs. - limited kind of value handled: numeric, complex, matrix, alpha, binary. - no units attached to values. - no RPL programming, mainly 41C RPN programming. - short list of functions: the user manual is not a dictionnary of thousand of functions, quick/little learning.

Characteristics: keyboard usage: like on the HP41C -short key press : execute the key. -medium key press: display function name and execute. -long key press: : display function name, display NULL and do nothing.

Keyboard labelling consistancy: -unshifted function labelled on main part of the key. -yellow shifted function over the top of the key. -blue shifted function on sloped par of the key. -alpha mode on bottom/right of the key (including space).

Keybord organisation: to respect as much as possible -as many as possible usefull (in everyday usage) functions on unshifted keys. -complementary or associated function is shifted on same key when possible -programming functions on shifted key.

Clock/SW -Same as the Time module for the HP41C. -Having a clock with multi-alarms is cool. -Stopwatch permit to record fast laps (with a single key press) to registers and do analys after.

User mode: since it is general purpose, the user mode is a way to meet everyone's need (by assinging functions and programs to keys).

Letters on evrey key of first row: -In a program, it permit to map local Lbl to keys

My fisrt keyboard layout: to be completed and improved

O is Over, F is Flat, S is sloped, A is alpha

Row1 O X^2 LN log XsqrtY L.R. E- F sqrtX e^X 10^X Y^X 1/X E+ S ! nCr nPr S,o mX,mY ClE A A B C D E F

Row2 O asin acos atan Pi R up %Chg F sin cos tan i /\ % S Alg RPN Rho Const Time/SW A G H I J

Row3 O FN= Logic R down Matrix F Sto Rcl = < \/ > S Solve Intg Mode Flag Mem Display A StoA RclA

Row4 O Alpha Xswap Abs () ClX F Enter XswapY +/- EEX <- S user Mod Rnd [] Undo A K L M N ClA

Row5 O Asn IP Cpx>X,Y D>Rad P>R F XEQ 7 8 9 / S Gto FP X,Y>Cpx Rad>D R>P A O P Q R

Row6 O View Lbl F Yellow 4 5 6 * S Shift Pse Rtn A S T U V

Row7 O Fix ISG X?Y H.MS- F Blue 1 2 3 - S Shift Eng DSE X?0 >H.MS A W X Y Z

Row8 O off Sci /c prgm H.MS+ F on 0 . R/S + S ./ Ab/C stop >HR A space , ' "

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