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17bii+ ROM
Message #1 Posted by Tim on 29 Apr 2007, 11:40 a.m.

Hi -

I love my 17bii+, and would love to get an emulator for it. Seems that the hp42 emulator will work if I can get a ROM image for the 17bii (and having played around the the Free42 emulator, it's pretty sweet!).

Does anyone know if the newer 17bii+ version can do a ROM dump and/or if that + ROM will work with the emulator? All the documentation seems to just refer to the 17bii. Assuming it's workable I'm planning to beg borrow buy or steal a 48g so that I can get a ROM image for this. Would the newer 49g or 50 also work as a host?

Email me offline with any other suggestions on a solution: pierson_2001 <at> yahoo <dot> com.



Re: 17bii+ ROM
Message #2 Posted by Eric Smith on 30 Apr 2007, 3:37 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Tim

There isn't any publicly available emulator for the 17bii+, and there isn't any known way to dump its ROM. Emulating a 17bii or 17B is the closest you're going to get.

Re: 17bii+ ROM
Message #3 Posted by Les Wright on 30 Apr 2007, 9:58 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Tim

I can't help you with your request by I am delighted that someone other than me really likes the 17bii+ as well. Due to mistimed eBay bids I ended up with a second one, NIP, and the few offers I have received for it are a laughable fraction of what I paid for it. The Canadian reseller who sold me my 12cp and 49G+ last year tells me that now the 50G and 12c are his big movers, but he has a large inventory of the 17bii+ that no one seems to want. I had offered the 17bii+ to him in partial trade toward a 50G, whereupon he advised me he had more of the former than he knew what to do with.

Free42 is amazing but is technically a simulator, not an emulator, and I use it regularly, particularly on my old Sony Clie and newer Palm TX. Emu42 is the actual emulator, and I must admit I don't use it much. The internal 25-digit precision of Free42 is far too enticing for me. Moreover, even though Free42 is not entirely bug free, Thomas promptly responds to bug notifications and continually upgrades the software. It is important to note that Free42 implements features of the actual calculator in original code, which means it usually does not give identical results to Emu42 or the 42S. The built-in integrator is a case in point--on Free42 it is faster and will report back an estimated uncertainty in the result that is usually more refined than on the actual calculator. Being able to understand the source code a little helps me understand where these numbers come from, whereas the original calculator is more of a black box.

Keep on enjoying the 17bii+. Looks like the fan club is very small.


Re: 17bii+ ROM
Message #4 Posted by Tim on 30 Apr 2007, 12:24 p.m.,
in response to message #3 by Les Wright

Bummer - I'm a huge fan of my 17bii+. Mainly need it for all the finance stuff, which is why the 42s is less useful. Most finance dorks prefer the 12c, but honestly I think the 17bii+ is much easier to use, and the solver is great too for all the other things I might want to throw in there.

If anyone can help out on the 17bii front for the emulator, it'd be greatly appreciated, since it looks like I'm SOL trying to dump my 17bii+ - I'd love to have it running in Windows or on my PDA...



Re: 17bii+ ROM
Message #5 Posted by Ron Ross on 30 Apr 2007, 12:42 p.m.,
in response to message #4 by Tim

You can download an exe file for the Hp10Bii. It is a finacial / business calculator w/o a solver. However it has the TVM solver and other fianancial functions that you may find acceptable. It is an algebaric model and this file is readily available to find via google (may even be on Hp's own site). You get no solver, but it is a decent low end financial calculator with moderate stats functions. (no RPN mode for this model though)

Hp also released the ROM of the 48 & 49G series graphics calculators. Both include built in finance applications and you can load up any other programs as if they were the real calculator onto your PC. This opens up a large relm of software that is available from as well. These two also have a solver that is much better and more powerful than the solver included with the 17B series (and just a bit more complex).

One last option is to look for an Hp41c model emulator/symulator and then load a stat pack and Real estate module into it. This may be the hardest to readily acquire, but a persistant search on WWW should turn up something.

Your closest to use and approximation of the Hp17b series will be the Hp48G emulator, but may be a bit more complex to configure to what you want. The Hp10Bii is something you should look at. Granted it will have NO solver, be algebraic, but it will look like an Hp 17Bii with a similar keyboard layout.

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