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Another MLDL2000 Update
Message #1 Posted by Meindert Kuipers on 3 Apr 2007, 3:12 p.m.

The following message was sent out today via email to my curent mailing list of MLDL2000 users and those who have expressed their interest in obtaining one. If you did not receive this message and still want to be (or if you think you should be) on the waiting list, please contact me by email. Please note that being on the waiting list is NOT a commitment to buy one.

Best regards, Meindert

As you may have read in the MoHPC forum, a new version is being developed, and all 3 PCB's are undergoing revision to fix some design errors and add new features. For current users it is important to understand that their MLDL2000 has these issues already fixed with wires and other workarounds, and that all new features (with one exception) are also still possible without additional purchases.

The biggest change in the MLDL2000V2 will be the USB interface. This will have an additional USB host port that can be used for connecting a USB Mass Storage Medium (like a USB Stick). This should enable the use of the USB stick to store programs and files. With another user I am currently investigating the possibility to create a special ROM image to support this. The new USB interface could be used to replace the old one if you want this additional feature.

For new users the MLDL2000V2 will consist of 3 PCB's that will fit in a cardreader shell. Since I do not have any more of these left, you may have to sacrifice your own cardreader, or get an old one at eBay. As an alternative, I will make an extra PCB that will carry the 3 main PCB's for ease of interconnecting. This will make it very easy to put the MLDL2000V2 in an external box approximately the size of the HP41.

I do not know the exact pricing yet, and I suspect that the MLDL2000V2 will be a bit more expensive. As soon as I have more details I will let you know of course.

There is no time schedule. Right now I am finishing a critical piece of software for the M2kM software on the PC that turned out to be more complicated than I expected, and I cannot spend all my spare time on this. This software will allow upgrading the MLDL2000 firmware, which is required for any of the new functionalities to be programmed in the field by the user. The next step will be to verify in a hardware breadboard, firmware and software the functionality of the new USB Host interface and the other modifications before finalizing the new PCBs. At that point I will ask you to commit (or not) to purchase your MLDL2000V2 or upgrade. Based on the final quantity I can then give you the final price and production will start. The PCB design is done in draft already, I just need to verify if I have done it right this time.

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