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Features/Functions for a calculator
Message #1 Posted by Ben Salinas on 8 Apr 2003, 10:59 p.m.

Here's my current list of functions to be put on my Design a calculator calculator. I have very limited engineering/math background, so i need to know waht else to put on. Right now i have as follows: a. Basic Math +, -, *, /, Cnr, Pnr, %???, x!, %CHG???, sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, SQRT, x root y, y^x, x^2, 1/x b. More Complex Functions log, ln, 10^x, e^x, complex number math(using existing keys, like on the 32sii), Hyperbolic functions (using existing keys), Matrix operations(inputted how???) c. Conversions & Constants Base conversion (either 2,8,10,16, or any base), Pi, unit--> unit conversion (where u choose one unit and a second unit... might be implemented by a program) d. Stats What goes here? e. Programming Keystroke, or language(trying to decide which one... which do you think?) f. Other keys Switch (x<>y), Replace with variable (x<>), Up^, Down, Left??, Right??, Up in stack, Down in stack

I am thinking about expanding on those HP Applet type programs (for the base conversions, matrix operations, unit conversions, etc), where you can choose to have the program, or you can have extra memory. The only advantage to having them be constant features, is that when the calculator's memory is cleared (whether it be for a standardized test, or by accident), the features are still there. Looking from teh other side, you would get a less cluttered keyboard. Which is more important.

Oh, btw, this is supposed to be a powerful, programmable, pocket scientific calculator. Thanks for all your help -Ben Salinas

Re: Features/Functions for a calculator
Message #2 Posted by hugh on 9 Apr 2003, 3:15 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Ben Salinas

is this to be an implementation? and are you referring to an ideal physical calculator or a virtual one. i have felt that the balance of functions on a real machine vs. a virtual machine (eg under windows or on a PDA) are slightly different.

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