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Question on 82120A Batt. Pack
Message #1 Posted by Ion Abraham (New Mexico USA) on 30 Mar 2003, 11:45 a.m.


With apologies in advance for bringing up this hardy perennial yet again, could you folks give me the current scoop on rebuilding a rechargeable battery pack (82120A) for the 41C?

That is, what batteries are currently available that fit the pack, and any other important details about how one goes about doing this.

I have a dead pack that I've had for quite a while, and I ought to get it rebuilt.

Thanks very much,

Ion Abraham Albuquerque, New Mexico

Re: Question on 82120A Batt. Pack
Message #2 Posted by Randy on 30 Mar 2003, 7:35 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Ion Abraham (New Mexico USA)

I've recently rebuilt several with 1/3AAA Gold Peak ni-mh cells. I used the 120 mah cells, I understand there are now 160 mah cells available as well. There is room to spare in the pack, I have found a piece of 1/16" x 1/2" double sided foam tape the perfect filler. Cutting the pack open with a single-edged razor blade (Thanks Dave!) will not remove any material and it goes back together with a little plastic solvent cement.

I've been running my 41C now for two months on the first charge and the pack voltage has only dropped about 100mv. I thought the self-discharge rate was higher than that!

I bought my cells from the Battery Station, they are listed here on the Museum site. Total cost per pack was less than $15.

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