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Message #1 Posted by Bob Noble on 28 Mar 2003, 12:57 p.m.

A few months ago, I found out that HP was closing the calculator division. At that time, I went looking for a spare HP48GX because I use it daily (I'm an engineer).

Amazon was advertising the lowest price: $129. Their website said "availability 1-2 days". I placed the order.

Then nothing.

I contacted customer service. They said, sorry, and shipped the calculator.

What arrived was a box with a 48 in the blister- card packaging banging around inside. The blister- card was cracked and scratched. Not a good way to start knowing that the item has been banged around BEFORE you use it.

I contacted customer service. They said to send it back, they'd send another.

Then nothing.

I contacted them again. They said sorry, it will ship immediately.

Then nothing.

I contacted customer service again. This time, I got an automated response that said the item was not available; order cancelled. I checked Sure enough, there it was, and still "availability 1-2 business days".

I gave up, called J&R Music World, and ordered one. J&R says it shipped yesterday.

Wish me luck.

Worst of all, wasted my time. There aren't too many 48s still out there. By the time I called J&R, they were down to a few dozen.

My $0.02: Avoid like the plague!


I agree.
Message #2 Posted by Jeremy on 29 Mar 2003, 7:15 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Bob Noble

Sometime, I can't help it, as Amazon is the first site to pop into my mind that has just about everything. But lately, I've been training myself to check Amazon's price, then looking at various online specialty stores to compare.

When I first started shopping amazon a few years ago, it used to be that every time you compared prices, Amazon was the cheapest. They also seemed to ship quickly. I got into the (bad) habit of buying from Amazon without even checking around any more. Then one time when I was shopping for CDs online, their prices seemed a bit high to me. Sure enough, I shopped around, and they were the most expensive!

That was reinforced when I was shopping for a 32SII a couple weeks ago. They were asking $240, and made no mention that it was discontinued or anything like that. Just a high price, hoping people would buy without question. Only after finding MoHPC did I find out the real story. To me, it is not honorable for a retailer to quadruple their prices when an item is discontinued. Leave that to eBay.

I haven't bought anything from Amazon for months now, and I probably won't ever again. What they're doing is not good.


Re: I agree.
Message #3 Posted by Dave F on 29 Mar 2003, 7:58 a.m.,
in response to message #2 by Jeremy

Usually, the discontinued items from Amazon are available via the affiliated sellers. I don't think Amazon influences their prices; it just provides a mechanism for connecting buyers and sellers (much like ebay), with some infrastructure for payments, ratings, etc.

Perhaps these are the guys responsible for the gouging you witnessed?

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