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Maximum Calculator
Message #1 Posted by Richard Parfitt on 20 Mar 2003, 11:32 a.m.

Just as an alternative to "What I would market" or "Minimum system", I would like a HP41 CX type machine in layout. Very fast with a 4-6 line lcd, or even new no-power technology, polymer display, (4mm) chars (Ooooppsss 0.15"), maybe even color (see camera below), should fit within the size of the display area on a 41, with graphics capability, 4 slots for SD type storage card, (storage capacity now 512mb) say 256mb internal, usb interface to outside world, must be RPN system, save files (text) to PC/MAC, same weight as 41CX, Lithium Ion batteries/throwaway Lithium cells, continuous memory battery backup via small coin cell, nice smooth leather case (ala HP35), voice recorder to SD device, tri-band mobile phone, gps, 3M pixel camera, `irda' interface to printers, good battery life, quality 41 type keyboard, emphasis on using proven commodity systems, interfaces, displays, etc. Phheeewwww I think that's all. It's all possible, the hardware exists to do it, we have light weight small phones, my Erricson T28 is nothing when the batteries are out, cameras are now very small so it should be easy to integrate the hardware, gps systems are being planned to fit into SD packaging, (ok you might have a small antenna sticking out maybe 32mm), battery technology exits in consumer items, maybe make it so that the devices plug in if you need them, so more SD slots??. All the the keys can be used on the different functions with a selection system to go from function to function, maybe like (USER PRGM ALHPA CAMERA RECORD) . BUT........, is it marketable and would anyone buy it??...

Re: Maximum Calculator
Message #2 Posted by Patrick on 20 Mar 2003, 3:26 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Richard Parfitt

Phew. That's some list.

My Tungsten|T has a bunch of that already.

I would prefer a smaller form factor. I love the Voyagers. Forget expansion slots for memory. Memory is cheap so load the thing with a whack of memory to begin with (256 megabytes!) and then provide a nice I/O mechanism. I think Bluetooth would be great. You don't need any exposed areas on the calculator for I/O ports or tedious lining up of infrared ports. Just bring the calculator within range of your Bluetooth enabled PC and synchronize.

Think if the Voyagers had that with a nice two line display (a la 42S?) and a battery that lived forever. What a lovely toy.

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