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HP-71X Progress
Message #1 Posted by HrastProgrammer on 6 Mar 2003, 3:45 a.m.

I see that HP-71B popularity in this forum has been increased during the last few weeks which is very nice because it is very powerful machine (the first one with Saturn CPU & the last one programmed 100% in assembler = the only one programmed 100% in Saturn assembler).

Now I can proudly announce that the development of HP-71X MicroCode Emulator for HP-48GX/49G has been finished. There are some images on my homepage in case somebody is interested.

Just a note about 'MicroCode': I know it is wrong to use it in this context (as it has been discussed here few weeks ago) but I just like the term. HP used it to describe machine code programming on all calculators before HP-71B. Although it was called 'assembler programming' and not 'microcode programming' on HP-71B, programmers still used the term 'microcode' throughout the 'Software Internal Design Specification' volumes. So, I guess it is not so 'wrong' to use this term.

Beside other things, I have been testing HP-71X with all kinds of RS-232 printers (this includes my old HP-IIIP LaserJet) and it worked perfectly. I was especially satisfied with the new Star TSP-600 Thermal Printer (which I bought for a POS system). This type of printer reminds me a lot of the old HP-82143 and HP-82240 thermal printers.

Regards. HrastProgrammer

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