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Complain to "the new HP" at this link
Message #1 Posted by Norm Hill on 28 Feb 2003, 4:48 a.m.

HP's behavior to drop RPN is a total slap in the face to all educated people in this country. Just more Enron thuggery from the boardroom.

Want to tell the right people? click on Look for "Contact Carly the CEO" (for HP) and send Carly an e-mail about their bizarre behavior in substituting a "9G" for a favorite classic like _______ (fill in your favorite)

Did you see the HP 9G ?? It's a finest quality Walmart item

But they should have used more of the 'melted plastic' look than they did, like they could have put the display on crooked, and it should have popup advertisements for Coca-Cola and Yahoo .... After all, gotta replace the RPN with SOMETHING ......

Used 9G on Ebay already
Message #2 Posted by Ty Rogers on 28 Feb 2003, 4:08 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Norm Hill

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