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HP-34C best and I'm stickin' to my guns
Message #1 Posted by Norm Hill on 28 Feb 2003, 4:26 a.m.

Hi guys, Well guess I'm the only guy in town who thinks the 34C was the coolest unit. Good, then I'll be the only bidder.

If you are comparing 15C to 34C, and think you like the LCD, then you would jump to the 32S unit because that is the most modern version...... you'll get a foggy, dust-filled, blurry LCD display, you'll get smooshy mooshy keys that you aren't even sure if you pressed, you'll get 800 functions all in a bunch of miserable soft-menu's that fog the mind,

INSTEAD of a well-thought-out cool practical tool like the 34C. Look I can't quarrel with the problem with the battery-charges why do you think I "lost" my 34C years ago, I got tired of battery charges and went to 32S. But nowadays you could easily use Lithium rechargeable cells and do fine.

The buttons pushed right, it's nice looking, you should be able to 'remember' whether its in Degrees or Radians if you are actually solving a problem, and if you want a more powerful unit buy a more powerful unit, but be careful about choosing a shoulder launched missile for swatting flies.

HP-34C is clearly underappreciated for the nicely thought out treasure that it is. It's a sweetheart. If they didn't build them right inside, apparently that was just the earlier units.

All the best, - Norm

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