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Preliminary list of my user library programs available
Message #1 Posted by Gene on 27 Feb 2003, 9:58 p.m.

Here's a preliminary list. List shows Library number, calculator model, game name, and comment. There are many more, but some are from the PPC Journal. There is a whole notebook of "HP-67 Miscellaneous" programs. Most HP41 programs are copies of pages from the Journal it appears. --More later, Gene

00501D	HP67	Baseball	Simulates a baseball game by rolling 2 dice to see what the batter does
00555D	HP67	Baseball	Competitive game between 2 people, entering pitches and deciding to swing or not
00499D	HP67	Battleship I	Similar to the board game on a 6x6 grid
01927D	HP67	Advanced Battleship	Similar to board game on a 10x10 grid
01370D	HP67	Blackjack	Improved version of games pac program
00200D	HP67	Blackjack	Plays game
04463D	HP67	Catch me if you can	Hi Lo game, but the number moves depending on how close your guess was!
00266D	HP67	Concentration	Recall a list of numbers flashed on the screen
00586D	HP67	Football	Choose 1 of 3 plays and enjoy
00747D	HP67	Football	More advanced version of game
00537D	HP67	Championship Golf	Choose a club and play
00825D	HP67	Golf with unique putting routine	Another version of golf
00626D	HP67	Life	10 x 10 grid
00463D	HP67	Life	9 x 9 grid
01767D	HP67	Magic Squares	Helps fill in magic squares
01412D	HP67	Matrix Game	Calculator learns as you play against it, choosing 0 or 1 each time
01532D	HP67	Moon Lander	Has uninterruptable continuous countdown
01884D	HP67	Noughts and Crosses	Tic tac toe game
00616D	HP67	Objective	Tanks are seeking you on a grid (fox and hounds?)
00853D	HP67	Orbitor Game	Lander game with up/down and side/side control
04191D	HP67	Paper, Rock, Scissors	Play it against the calculator
00874D	HP67	Ping Pong	Looks tough
00875D	HP67	Electronic Ping Pong	Played on a grid marked off in logarithmic units
00256D	HP67	Probe word game	2 player game - guess the word
00964D	HP67	Robot Trap	Move your android on a 10x10 grid - avoid robots
00538D	HP67	Roulette Deluxe	Play the wheel
04190D	HP67	Sic Bo	Chinese dice game
01581D	HP67	Sink the ship	Shoot torpedoes

01616C HP41 Double Precision Hexadecimal Conversion 00663C HP41 Maze Construction and Play Games Solution HP41 Reversi PPCCJ HP41 SuperDetective Includes extra pages from author 00363C HP41 Step Game Similar to flip it - move the > from one end to the other

01523D HP67 Baccarat Card game 00326D HP67 Bagels 1-5 Digit guessing game 01495D HP67 Baseball Another Baseball variation 00873D HP67 Basketball 2 people play basketball 00278D HP67 Blackjack "Las Vegas" style 03100D HP67 Bowling Can you strike down all the pins? 01798D HP67 Bridg-it Similar to "hex" - cross the board without getting blocked 03288D HP67 Checkers Not a very good player, but it works! 04505D HP67 Chess - 8 queens 01497D HP67 Crack the vault How good a thief are you? 00325D HP67 Cybernetic Nim Game Learns as you play 00739D HP67 Daytona 500 Drag racing 01838D HP67 Draw Poker Get the best hand you can 00259D HP67 Duel Decide how close to get before you shoot 04356D HP67 Engine Out Glide your plan to the landing strip 04061D HP67 Exterminator Kill the gophers on a grid 04122D HP67 Fan Tan Cut a random pile of beans to leave only a few (NIM?) 01800D HP67 Fortress Invade a fortress in only 7 turns 00552D HP67 Forty Four Looks like a Bagels variation 04189D HP67 4-5-6 Dice Game 04199D HP67 Guess the number Guess a secret number 03952D HP67 How Old are you? Given present date & birthday, computes values 01173D HP67 Hunt the wumpus Great! 03958D HP67 IQ Tester Familiar "remove pegs" from board game 00727D HP67 Jack of Eagles Calculator tries to guess next number you enter 00734D HP67 Jotto 2 Guess the 5 letter word the calculator invents 01918D HP67 Keno Gambling game 03130D HP67 Keno Special Nevada style Keno game 01496D HP67 Labyrinth Escape the maze 00220D HP67 Game of Life 10x10 game 00888D HP67 Mastermind Bagels 00216D HP67 Mastermind Deluxe Choose number of digits and digit values 02962D HP67 Mine Field Escape the minefield 04464D HP67 Modified Moon Lander Uses a bio-mass engine 01816D HP67 Monopoly Says it really plays the real game 03961D HP67 Number Guesser Game Guess the secret number 00850D HP67 Number Hunt Combines mastermind and supermastermind 00321D HP67 Pinball Wizard My all time favorite by Craig Pearce 01511D HP67 Pinochle Card game against the calculator 00959D HP67 Programmers Bell Fruit Slot Machine 01650D HP67 Random sequence Generates a number from 1 - N without replacement 00733D HP67 Roulette Another version 00219D HP67 Shooting Gallery Another by Craig Pearce 01471D HP67 Slalom Ski Make it down the course 02845D HP67 Space War Plus Starship KittyHawk 00369D HP67 Advanced Star Trek Six cards in this game! 02335D HP67 Star Wars Fly from enemy planet to home base 02039D HP67 Super Bagels "Easy Does it" 00000D HP67 Supermastermind No library number on this 02900D HP67 Telepathy Card trick game 02913D HP67 Game of 15 Nine cards used in this game 01475D HP67 Rational TicTacToe You'll never beat this game 02925D HP67 3-D TicTacToe 4 x 4 x 4 00255D HP67 Word Bagels 00687D HP67 American Roulette Wheel 03954D HP67 Down the Middle Guess a number exactly between 2 given numbers (?) 04510D HP67 Guess the card suit Series of cards, no repeats, guess the suits 00179D HP67 Space War 20 pages of docs 04118D HP67 Toss and Score Pitch the rings onto the pegs 01829D HP67 Unbreakable Cryptography (Even with a P4?)

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