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Tones on the HP48GX
Message #1 Posted by Maestro on 22 Jan 2003, 8:50 a.m.

I know that this is a ridiculous question, but I'll ask anyway.

What started out as a quick effort to write a small program to make my 48GX play a little tune (or even a short tone sequence) for the kids has turned into a quest. (You've got to start early if you want to get them hooked on RPN !)

Since the "manual" doesn't really elaborate on the use of tones, (at least I hadn't found it by midnight last night) what command should I be using ? I was trying to write a small subroutine which would play a tune, then run it.

I understand the need to use a frequency, like 1500 hz, and duration, like 0.5 seconds and the "BEEP" command. Putting it all together is the trick.

Maybe I was too tired, or maybe my knowledge of my 48 needs supplementing, but whatever help I can get, I would appreciate greatly.

Re: Tones on the HP48GX
Message #2 Posted by Tom (UK) on 22 Jan 2003, 12:05 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Maestro

Try looking at:


The program 'compose' looks like what you want. There are many other downloads on other pages covering most subjects from simple RPL programs to programming in machine code.

P.S. This is a wonderful site and deserves our support.

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