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HP omnibook2100 monitor Driver
Message #1 Posted by Jose on 20 Jan 2003, 7:19 p.m.


I had to format my Omnibook 2100 and reinstalled w98 second edition. I have not been able to configure the monitor that runs 640*480 and 16 colours. Also the systems does not use the complete screen size (only partially viewed)

I know that there might be drivers for this problem, but HP support center does not offer a solution. Also, I believe that there is a Driver used on a Toshiba Laptop that might work.

Any suggestion?


Re: HP omnibook2100 monitor Driver
Message #2 Posted by Glen Kilpatrick on 21 Jan 2003, 1:03 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Jose

This forum is for _calculators_ & similar. A better forum for your question would be the HP Forum for "notebook PCs - omnibooks" @,,410,00.html - you get maximal exposure to those inside HP who might know the answer, the postings you read are so volunteered, on their own dime and not off their salary, and nothing they say is officially supported. And hey, someone with a similar problem might even be reading your post.

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