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HP-41 Card Reader Parts Available
Message #1 Posted by Wayne Brown on 15 Aug 2002, 7:52 a.m.

Some time ago one of the clips on the side of my card reader -- the ones that hold the reader on the calculator -- broke. I saw a message here in which Luiz ClŠudio Vieira mentioned having a non-functioal reader available, so I asked him if I could obtain the part I needed from it. He very graciously sent not just the part, but the whole reader, free of charge. Now that my reader is fixed, I'm making the same offer to someone else. If anyone needs parts to repair a card reader, I'll be happy to send you the reader Luiz gave me. You can use whatever parts you need and then pass it along to someone else. Luiz told me it's his wish to "let it make more people happy."

The reader seems to have a problem in the electronics; it gives a CARD ERR message as soon as the calculator is turned on. However, even if the electronics are bad it can still provide replacements for the mechanical parts. So if anyone wants it, give me your address and I'll send it to you.

Thanks again, Luiz ClŠudio, for your kindness and generosity!

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