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bicycle distance meter
Message #1 Posted by Tal on 4 Aug 2002, 4:08 a.m.

Hi, HP48 users!

I would be very thankful if someone could help me to count the RS232 logic transition.

The goal of the program is to be a bicycle distance meter.

Each time that I stop it, it put the number of pulses on the stack.

I received this program to receive one bit:

GOSBVL =DisableIntr GOSBVL =DispOff D0=(5) =IOC * Address of serial IO control register. LC(1) 8 DAT0=C 1 * Turn serial circuitry on. D0=(5) =RCS * Address of receive control/status register. C=DAT0 1 * Read RCS register. Bit 3 reflects the state * of the RX pin. ( 1 means the pin is at a * zero or negative voltage. 0 means it is at a * positive voltage. ) D0=(5) =IOC C=0 A DAT0=C 1 * Turn off serial circuitry. GOSBVL =DispOn GOSBVL =AllowIntr

I hope it is not too difficult a task and likewise a challenge.

Best regards, Tal email:

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