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Message #1 Posted by mike on 2 Aug 2002, 3:19 p.m.

Hi dear friends. I have been looking on Internet the full list of the all 2300 function included in the HP 49G calculator. Would you send me it please?

And another question: I need to know if the 450 functions of the HP19Bii business calculator are included in the HP49G.

Tnak you dear friends and good bye.

Mike. :-)

Message #2 Posted by Raymond Hellstern (Germany) on 2 Aug 2002, 4:25 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by mike


for a list of all functions/features of th 49G please take a look at

For the HP-19BII functions: I doubt that all functions of the 19BII are included in the 49G. Why should they?

The 19B series are business calculators, whereas the 49G is a scientific calc.

Please don't mix calc power with functions count. The number of functions isn't necessarily equal to the power level of a machine.

The 4x series has much more functions than the 19B series, but out of the box, the 19B(II) can be much more powerful for financial calculations.

Of course you can expand the 4x series with financial software. On the other hand, you can turn a 17BII into something like a scientific calc by programming SIN,COS, etc. (This is described somewhere here on this site)


Message #3 Posted by Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) on 2 Aug 2002, 7:34 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by Raymond Hellstern (Germany)


A few financial features were available at the 48G O.S. and the 49G maintain these features. If you type TVM [ENTER], you have access to Time-Value-of-Money, as it is available in the HP19BII, both Algebraic and RPN modes. Also, AMORT is available.

No Cash Flow as standard feature, but you can develop your own programs... Why not?

Try HP48 User's Guide (not the Advnced), pages 18-13 to 18-20. Or the poor two-pages TVM mentioning at the HP49G Users Guide (6-11 and 6-12).

Best regards.

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