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HP-42S =DOLAM Entry
Message #1 Posted by HrastProgrammer on 18 July 2002, 8:37 a.m.

Well, after disassembling a significant part of HP-42S ROM (revision C) I must correct a little detail in J-F Garnier's article 'HP-42S: New Facts'. I haven't found =DOLAM entry at the address #02C6E as stated in the article. This address is inside =SKIPOB so it is impossible for =DOLAM to exist there. This is the code:

02C4B 841     	ST=0 1
02C4E   L_02C4E
02C4E 137     	CD1EX
02C51 06      	RSTK=C
02C53 D9      	C=B A
02C55 06      	RSTK=C
02C57 20      	P= 0
02C59 D1      	B=0 A
02C5B 871     	?ST=1 1
02C5E 80      	GOYES L_02C66
02C60   L_02C60
02C60 142     	A=DAT0 A
02C63 164     	D0=D0+ 5
02C66   L_02C66
02C66 131     	D1=A
02C69 143     	A=DAT1 A
02C6C 34CF820 	LC(5) =PRLG   * =DOLAM should be inside this instruction !!!
02C73 8A6     	?A#C A
02C76 C0      	GOYES L_02C82
02C78 1C4     	D1=D1- 5
02C7B 133     	AD1EX
02C7E 808C    	PC=(A)
02C82   L_02C82
02C82 3482D20 	LC(5) L_02D28
02C89 8A6     	?A#C A
02C8C 70      	GOYES L_02C93
02C8E CD      	B=B-1 A
02C90 421     	GOC L_02CA3
02C93   L_02C93
02C93 8AD     	?B#0 A
02C96 AC      	GOYES L_02C60
02C98   L_02C98
02C98 07      	C=RSTK
02C9A D5      	B=C A
02C9C 07      	C=RSTK
02C9E 135     	D1=C
02CA1 03      	RTNCC
02CA3   L_02CA3
02CA3 184     	D0=D0- 5
02CA6 51F     	GONC L_02C98

Furthermore, I haven't found this entry anywhere - maybe I am wrong but it seems that lambda support don't exist at all in the HP-42S. Just my 2 cents ...

Re: HP-42S =DOLAM Entry
Message #2 Posted by J-F Garnier on 19 July 2002, 6:41 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by HrastProgrammer

You may be right, Hrast. I may have been fooled by the PRLG word just at this address ...


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