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connecting an hp41 to an hp75 with hp-il
Message #1 Posted by Andy on 17 June 2002, 11:48 a.m.

Is it possible to send a file from an hp41 to an hp75 via hp-il?

From my initial attempts, it looks like both machines want to be the primary controller and they don't recognize each other on the loop.



Re: connecting an hp41 to an hp75 with hp-il
Message #2 Posted by John Ioannidis on 17 June 2002, 2:43 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Andy

There isn't much you can do with a vanilla 41. See if you can get hold of either the HP-IL Development ROM or (preferably) the Extended I/O (82183) ROM. These are very rare - you may have to find a rom emulator and the rom images.

Read the book "Controlling the world with HPIL" (or something like that) available on the HP Museum CDROMs. It's for connecting the 41 to the 71, but much of it should be applicable to the 75 as well. The HP-IL technical reference manual is in there somewhere, too.

Re: connecting an hp41 to an hp75 with hp-il
Message #3 Posted by Vassilis Prevelakis on 18 June 2002, 5:38 a.m.,
in response to message #2 by John Ioannidis

ji is right as far as the HP-41 is concerned, so it may be easier to attack the problem from the HP-75 side. However, unlike the HP-71B (which has probably the best implementation of HP-IL) the HP-75 has very basic support for HP-IL in its ROM. In order to be able to get anything done you need a library file called HPILCMDS.

Unfortunately I do not have this file, but if someone else can make it available, it will make life much easier for everybody.

You may also want to check the swap file repository in the HPmuseum site. There are numerous programs for the HP-75 there and you may be able to find what you are looking for there.


Re: connecting an hp41 to an hp75 with hp-il
Message #4 Posted by Ellis Easley on 18 June 2002, 8:13 a.m.,
in response to message #3 by Vassilis Prevelakis

I have the HPILCMDS lex file for the 75. It came to me on a copy of Swapdisk 12. I don't know if it started out there or not. The fellow who sent it to me said that among the Swapdisks, pretty much all the HP lex files were available. He also sent me the documentation for it (just a few pages) and the documentation (two pages) for, and a copy of, the 75 lex file RIOWIO, which he pointed out was on Swapdisk 2 or 3, one of the four original Swapdisks I had ordered from EduCalc years ago. I just looked on the Museum FTP site collection of separate LIF files and I've already forgotten exactly which Swapdisk but RIOWIO is there. RIOWIO provides low level access to the HPIL chip. It has one function - RIO(n) where n is the HPIL chip register (0 - 7), it returns the register contents as an integer from 0 - 255; and one statement - WIO n,x - where x is an integer from 0 to 255 to be written to register n. You'd have to know all about HPIL to get anywhere with those alone. The HPILCMDS (apparently that's not its official name: according to the documentation, it was provided on a 75 magnetic strip "card" and you are instructed to give it a name when you load it) lex file provides one instruction statement, SENDIO <device code>,<command list>,<data list> and one function, ENTIO$(<device code>,<command list>) which returns data received from the HPIL as a character string. These are high level programs that take care of all the HPIL overhead. You see examples of their use here and there, such as in the 9114B addendum that tells how to do a single sided format with different machines including the 75.

(I'm giving the Boy Scout salute now...) I promise to do my best to make LIF files from HPILCMDS and RIOWIO, and to scan the few pages of documentation, and to zip the files up in a convenient package. However, I can't promise exactly when I will be finished.

Re: connecting an hp41 to an hp75 with hp-il
Message #5 Posted by Vassilis Prevelakis on 19 June 2002, 3:19 a.m.,
in response to message #3 by Vassilis Prevelakis

I forgot!

Have a look at the "HP-71B Development Utility" manual in the HP Museum CD ROM (4th CD - Manuals). This manual contains programs for exchanging data between the HP 71 and the HP 85. While it may not be exactly what you want, at least it provides some info.

Also the PPC Calc Journal (V10N2, p 20) has a package to exchange data between an HP-85 and an HP-41


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