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Calculator run to Thunderbird Fry's (Phoenix)
Message #1 Posted by Dave Shaffer on 14 June 2002, 11:28 a.m.

Under current plans, in a bit more than a week (June 24), I will be passing directly by the Fry's electronics store at the intersection of I-17 and Thunderbird Road in Phoenix (Arizona) as I travel from Flagstaff to the PHX airport.

According to several posts, HP calculators have recently been spotted in this location.

I bought a 32SII there this past March. At that time, they had several other '32s as well as some '48s or '49s. (I didn't pay much attention to the exact models since I was not looking for one.) There may have been some '12s and '17s as well, although these seem to be much easier to find elsewhere.

If anybody is interested (and there seems to be some interest), I will be glad to stop in and gather up whatever is left that anybody wants. I'll do this at my cost (including postage and packing supplies - probably a bubble wrap envelope). I DO NOT know in advance what these units will cost - you can "place an order" with a do-not-exceed price if that will make you comfortable. Please, also be as specific as possible as to which model(s) you want, such as the various '48 versions.

This will be first-come, first-served, if the number of requests exceeds the number of available calculators! It seems fair to limit this to one calculator (of each model) per person (unless there are very few responses; if you want more than one, please say so to establish priority in case there are more than enough).

Please regard your request(s) as a contract. I don't want to be stuck with several hundred dollars of surplus calculating power!

I think I will limit this to US residents (or at least those who can provide a US address - I don't care who your "agent" might be!), although I would make an exception for Brazil: I would like a few of an everyday, cheap item which is readily available in any Brazilian drugstore/supermarket but is not available here in the US (!). It will be early July (a week or so after my visit to Fry's) before I return to Phoenix and can send calculators onward.

For questions or to place a request send me an e-mail ( (It seems reasonable not to clog up the Forum with such requests.)


Re: Calculator run to Thunderbird Fry's (Phoenix)
Message #2 Posted by GE (France) on 14 June 2002, 11:46 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Dave Shaffer

Nice offer, can be of help to many. My turn to try to please : HP32SII available (the last batch) at my favorite store in Paris ("Maubert Electronique"). I can purchase for you - just let me know. There are certainly various HP48 types available also. This offer is limited to French people.

On a lighter tone, go and check a funny posting in the comp.benchmarks newsgroup, dated 11th of June, by the title "HP Chief Competitive Officer".

Re: Calculator run to Thunderbird Fry's (Phoenix)
Message #3 Posted by Christof (Davis, CA) on 14 June 2002, 2:30 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by GE (France)

No luck in sacramento finding anything, I'm contemplating wandering the various fry's locations in the Bay if need be.


Re: Calculator run to Thunderbird Fry's (Phoenix)
Message #4 Posted by db(martinez,california) on 14 June 2002, 10:19 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Dave Shaffer

dave; i already have two 32's but i wanted to thank you for your kind offer. that kind of thing is what i've come to expect of the people who visit this site. - d

HP Calcs at Fry's in Portland, OR (Wilsonville)
Message #5 Posted by Karl Schneider on 15 June 2002, 4:24 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Dave Shaffer

All --

Based on this thread, I decided to get a 32SII, even though I already have a 42S and 15C. The Fry's Electronics store in Wilsonville, OR (suburban Portland) had three 32SII's on the shelves as of Thursday evening, 13 Jun 02 after I bought mine. All are Indonesian-made, with a whitish metal bezel and green/blue lettering on black face. Price was $59.99.

They also had multiple 49G, 48GX, 39G, 30 or 38, 20S, 19BII, 17BII, and 12C.

I didn't ask if they would ship orders. The store is about 35 miles from my place.

My initial impression is that the 32SII is a reasonable substitute/backup for a 15C. It does a few things better, is faster, and has a few additional features, but completely lacks matrix functions and is not as good with complex numbers and functions. Also, it surprisingly has less RAM (384 bytes vs. 448 for the 15C).

Re: Calculator run to Thunderbird Fry's (Phoenix)
Message #6 Posted by rsenzer on 16 June 2002, 1:44 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Dave Shaffer

Hi Dave,

Yesterday, I was at Fry's [Phoenix Thunderbird & I-17] and there were only 3 32SIIs on display. When you go there make sure you ask them about what's in stock. They are constantly moving things around and the quantity on display seems to bounce around like a random number. Also have them check the glass cabinet beside the display. You never know what's inside the cabinet.

BTW, there are 12Cs, 17BIIs, 19BIIs, 20Ss, 48GXs, and 49Gs [but these may be the Indonesian ones with the bug]. I did not count the number of these as this fluctuates as well. They do have a number of the 20Ss in the old fashioned boxes with the older color design as well as the new design.

BTW, from what I can tell on the 20Ss, there have been at least 3 designs - the original design with the molded keys and yellow and blue shift keys, painted keys with "safety yellow" and blue shift keys, and the new lavender and olive motif.

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